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Library to facilate students on their research and learning for the academic achievement.

School Basketball Courts and the stage

Computer knowledge has become necessary for the fast growing modern technology

School have a variety of spacious classrooms

School is renowned for its extra activities

School annually arranges class excursion and field trips

School Students in Interact Club

School Science lab

School Children Play Ground

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Lead Us from Darkness into Light...

Class Nursery to IX (9) Result of 2076
कक्षा ८ सुचना!

कृपया अनुतीर्ण हुने विद्यार्थीहरुले शुल्क बुझाउन बाँकी भएमा मौका परीक्षा (Chance Exam) हुनु भन्दा अगावै शुल्क बुझाई दिन हुन अनुरोध गरिन्छ।
Rank (GPA for VIII)
Hostel Details

The school provides separate Hostel facilities for both the Girls and the Boys as full boarders and the Day boarders among the options.

Boarders Fee Monthly:-

Boarders Admission           Rs. 3300/- (New Boarders Only)
Nursery to V                           Rs. 4800/-
Class VI to VIII                       Rs. 5300/-
Class IX & X                           Rs. 5800/-

Day Boarders Monthly:-

Nursery to V                           Rs. 2800/-
Class VI to VIII                       Rs. 3100/-
Class IX & X                           Rs. 3500/-
(Bus Fare Rs.550/- All distances)

Boarders casual dress Boys/Girls         Boy/Girls

Shirt or "T" Vest                                            "                  2pc                 Outing Use
Sweater or Jacket                                        "                   1pc                 Winter Use
Shoe for outing                                             "                  1pair               Each
Stocks for outing                                          "                   1pair
Trouser for outing                                         Boys             1pc
Skirt or Trouser for outing                             Girls              1pc
Track-suit                                                   Boys/Girls     1pair

Boarders-Hostel Uniform

Vest (dark green with red stripe)         Boys/Girls                          Each
Sports shoe                                     Boys/Girls       1pair            Each
Stocking                                           "                      2pairs
Half-pant or Trouser                           Boys/Girls     2pc

Bed Sheet                                        Boys/Girls     2pc              Each
Pillow                                                 "                     1pc
Pillow case                                         "                     2pc
Bed sheets (White plain)                     "                     1pc
Quilt/Blanket                                           "                     1pc
Quilt cover (white)                                  "                     2pc
Sleeping dress                                "                     2pair
Small Hand-towel                            "                     2pc
Big size bathing towel                     "                     1pc
Hanker-chief                                     "                     2pcs
Under-wear/panty                           "                     3pcs

Boarders-Dormitory uses clothing and
other necessities

Tooth-paste/Brush                                 Boys/Girls            1set                    Each
Soap & soap case                                  "                            1set                    Each
Shoe polish                                             "                             1pc                     Each
Shoe brush                                              "                             1pair                  Hard/Soft           
Hair oil                                                      "                             1bttl                    Small
Hair comb                                                "                             1pc                     Each
Nail cutter                                                 "                             1pc                     Each
Slipper                                                      "                             1pc                     Each
Suit-case or Tin box                               "                             1

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School Hostel

School Activities

HISSAN Basketball Winners

BS 9-10-2076
AD 23-01-2020
Scout Winter Camp

BS 3-10-2076
AD 17-01-2020
57th Parents Day Cum Annual Prize Distribution Day

BS 24-9-2076
AD 09-01-2020
57th Annual Sports

BS 10-9-2076
AD 26-12-2019
Donation From Students and School

BS 30-5-2076
AD 16-09-2019
Winner in Dharan Inter High School Sepak Takraw Running Shield 2076

BS 29-5-2076
AD 15-09-2019
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Kartik - 2077
5-2077 AD: 21-10-2020 Wednesday

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6-2077 AD: 22-10-2020 Thursday

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