Depot Secondary School
& Depot Adarsha M. College

School is Green Environment Friendly...

Library to facilate students on their research and learning for the academic achievement.

School Basketball Courts and the stage

Computer knowledge has become necessary for the fast growing modern technology

School have a variety of spacious classrooms

School is renowned for its extra activities

School annually arranges class excursion and field trips

School Students in Interact Club

School Science lab

School Children Play Ground

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Lead Us from Darkness into Light...

Winner in Folk Dance

Depot won the 1st Folk Dance Competition organized by the Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Academy. School won prize money of Sixty Thousand Rupees.

School Menu

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Class Curriculum
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School Fees
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Rules & Regulation
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School Hostel

School Activities

Donation From Students and School

BS 30-5-2076
AD 16-09-2019
Depot 56th Parents Day 2075

BS 24-9-2075
AD 08-01-2019
2nd Mayor Cup Winner

BS 18-8-2075
AD 04-12-2018
Inter House Foothball Competition

BS 5-3-2075
AD 19-06-2018
Girls Basketball Winner Green House

BS 25-2-2075
AD 08-06-2018
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School Calendar

Mangshir - 2076
6-2076 AD: 22-11-2019 Friday

16th Lalit-Amber Depot Cup Begins

13-2076 AD: 29-11-2019 Friday

16th Lalit-Amber Depot Cup Ends

20-2076 AD: 6-12-2019 Friday

Second Term Begins

26-2076 AD: 12-12-2019 Thursday

Udhauli Festival Holiday

30-2076 AD: 16-12-2019 Monday

Second Term Ends